Doors & Drawer Fronts

  • Orders can be faxed, phoned in or emailed to orders@dcdoor.com. To minimize errors we recommend emailing your order whenever possible.
  • For you convenience we have an adobe electronic order form that you can fill out, print and email. You can also save the form to your computer with a job name for your records.
  • To ensure consistency and accuracy, there is a proper order in which to refer to the sizes of our products. When ordering, please state quantity first, followed by width, then height. Width is always the horizontal dimension regardless of the grain direction.
  • Please specify door style, material, finished door size, outside edge detail, profiles, options, and method of delivery (will call, delivery via DCD, UPS, or common carrier).
  • Phone orders are clearly read back to the customer. Any uncorrected wrong sizes, materials, edge details, etc., then become the responsibility of the customer. A confirmation will be faxed or mailed upon order entry. Please verify all information promptly. E-mailed or faxed orders are suggested to avoid ordering errors. Blank order forms are available upon request or may be downloaded.
  • Orders go into production at 6:30 a.m. the next business day following the order date. Rush orders go into production immediately.
  • Changes on door orders in progress will receive a handling charge based upon percentage of completion and will cause a new ship date to be issued. In some cases it may be less expensive to order a new door rather than change one in progress.
  • All glass door frames will be rabbeted to accept glass. Arch doors are squared off at top of back unless otherwise specified. This is to allow you to use a square piece of glass. Clear vinyl glass stop is provided for an additional charge.
  • Order confirmations are routinely faxed, mailed or e-mailed and do not need to be signed and returned to us. Please read your confirmation carefully. If there are any changes needed, please let our Customer Service Representatives know as soon as possible so we can make the adjustments before your order goes into production. Some orders may go into production the same day they are ordered.
  • Design Craft Door will be happy to offer a quote on any project, regardless of size. Please use a standard order form and specify for quote only. The work order will not be released to production until you return a signed copy of the quote.

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